Environmental quality

The European Union ( EU) has modernized the European law on chemicals and established REACH, an integrated system of registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

It aims to improve protection of human health and the environment while maintaining the competitiveness and enhancing the innovative spirit of the European chemical industry.

Reach & RoHS

The European RoHS Directive (2002 /95 / EC) aims to limit the use of six hazardous substances. It is complemented by the 2008 directive on waste (Directive 2008 /98 / EC) that aims to homogenize national regulations still differ in Europe on the "principle of producer responsibility " ( incorporating the polluter pays principle " may lead to substantial disparities in the financial burden on economic operators. the differences between national policies on the management of WEEE hampers the effectiveness of recycling policies. for that reason, the essential criteria should be set at the Union and minimum standards for the treatment of WEEE should be developed . "

Quality of treatment

Quality of treatment:

> Clings Area

  • Respect of customer orders

> Thickness - ISOSCOPE

> Appearance

  • Uniform color

> Test clogging

  • For parts treated with OAS DECOR

Bath quality

Bath Quality:

> Laboratory

> Daily baths analysis 

>  Morning and evening PH control of certain baths

> Monitoring developments in treatment baths